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The Strong Girl Society introduces the ultimate collection of wellness and running guides designed to help you reach your goals whatever stage you’re at in your fitness journey.

Get set up for fitness success, create nutritious and delicious meals and hit your target running distance, whether you want to reach your first 5km or tackle a marathon. With the expertise of fitness creator and marathon runner Holly Brooks and PT, running coach and ultramarathon champion Sophia Thain, The Strong Girl Society Guides are the perfect coach to have by your side every step of the way.




I’m only on the beginners program but feeling so proud of my progress so far when I’ve not even ran to a lamppost previous to starting this guide haha! Determined to get to 5k! Feeling very grateful to Holly Brooks for starting these guides

Beginners Guide

Started the half marathon plan this week and I can already see my cardiovascular output improving in my splits 🤩 For someone that used to do a 5km every blue moon to rack up 19km this week has been so motivating

Half Marathon

I started my running journey in June and have been LOVING it thanks to these programmes!

SGS Customer

I’m on week 3 of the half marathon plan, absolutely loving it and hitting loads of PBs already!! These tempo runs are no joke 🥴🥵

Half Marathon Guide

On week 1 of the half marathon plan and loving it, really helpful to do strength based stuff alongside it as I had to stop running recently as I kept getting injured but the strength is really helping!

Half Marathon Guide

Hollys workout and running guides are the best I’ve used, it really pushes you in a different way.

SGS Customer

I’ve been using the Running Guide 5-10k for two weeks now and absolutely love it and can already see the improvements in my weight training and running 👌🏻

5-10k Guide

It’s a full body programme rather than just couch to 5k which concentrate a on running alone. My running improved a lot quicker using Hollys guide compared to when I’ve used Couch to 5k before 💪🏽

5-10k Guide



“These are the guides and plans I always wish I had – for anybody at the very start of their fitness journey, for those looking for a more balanced lifestyle, those looking for yummy food inspiration and for those trying to break bad habits and work towards healthy, sustainable goals. This is for all of us.” – Holly Brooks, Founder of Strong Girl Society


How will I receive my guide?

You will receive your guide instantly via E-Mail after your purchase. Be sure to check your spam folder as it can end up there.

Can I download on a mobile device?

Yes, it will be delivered as a PDF file which is compatible with almost all mobile devices, including Android and IOS.

I can’t find my guide in my email!

Firstly, be sure to check your spam folder! If you have purchased via Apple Pay, make sure to check the email that is tied to your Apple Pay account, and its spam folder too. If it’s still not there please reach out to us via our contact button below and we will send you it again!

I’ve never run before! Can I use any of the plans?

Yes, absolutely! Our Running Guide contains lots of helpful info and tips on how to get started on your very first run and how to make sure you set realistic goals to work towards. The Beginners Training Plan is perfect for those with no or limited running experience.

How long are the training plans?

  • Beginners plan – 10 weeks
  • 5-10k plan – 10 weeks
  • Half marathon – 12 weeks

Can I get support and advice throughout my training?

Make sure you’re following Holly and Sophia for running tips and motivation. Our SGS community on Facebook is always very supportive and able to help you if you need support throughout your running journey, and just about everything else!